Ascribed and Chosen Identities in Chronic Illness

I read so much of myself in this article. Definitely a good read 💕✨

Tips for ME

I haven’t blogged since January, so first an update. I did get over that bout of sick on Sick but had about a month of being stuck upstairs because my legs weren’t obeying my brain. This seemed to be fairly specific to my legs rather than my general health, I’m doing relatively okay cognitively. A neurology follow up appointment is in the offing.

Much more positively, I have “returned to work” after 5 years! This returning doesn’t actually involve going anywhere, I can work in bed if needs be. It’s a very part time contract on a new chronic illness research project with Catherine Hale and the Centre for Welfare Reform. You will hear much more about this soon, including how you can get involved.


Identity Ripples

To do with starting this work, my “rest” mind wanderings have been frequently landing on thoughts about chronic illness identity. I’m particularly curious…

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