A little about me …

I am a wife and mom of two. Family is my priority in life other than my health.

In 2008, I started to get “sick”. As weeks progressed, I became sicker ~ some of the symptoms included extreme shortness of breath, inability to do daily functions such as cooking, sweeping to basic hygiene.

After being hospitalized due to low oxygen saturation, I was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, discontinued work, prescribed prednisone and sent home with oxygen. I was able to discontinue the oxygen after 5 weeks.

I seemed to go into remission after many months & the prednisone was slowly tapered off.  I worked for a short time until I had a relapse in 2013.  Since that time I have been unable to return to work because of my poor health.

To date, my tests have included : endless blood tests, x-rays, catscans, pulmonary function tests;  allergy testing; a spinal tap; a colonoscopy; 2 heart ultrasounds; 2 bronchoscopies; and finally a video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS).

I have been on multiple medications but my lungs have only responded to prednisone to control the inflammation. I have been on and off of prednisone since becoming sick, but have been on it now for the longest duration being one year.

My current diagnosis after these tests is nonspecfic interstitial pneumonitis which is a chronic illness.  I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

My doctors have included 2 GP’s, 2 respirologists, a rheumatologist and a psychologist.

My medical team have been absolutely wonderful.


18 thoughts on “A little about me …

  1. Hello, I ran across you on Twitter. I too have problems with my blood oxygen saturation. If I am lying down my stats are in the low 90’s. Once I stand up and walk even a few feet, I plummet to the 70’s. I have had test after test with no straight conclusion, my lungs appear to be healthy given my age, not yet 50 but not a young woman either. It seems to be connected to an overlying diagnosis of Dysautonomia where the brain basically forgets, or sends the wrong message, to our body. I have been on oxygen for years now. I feel like it is a ball and chain but my youngest son, 10 years old, reminds me that it is keeping me alive so that I should not complain too much! He is right but as you may well know at times it is hard to see the obvious through the pain and struggles.

    I am looking forward to coming back and learning more about your journey. What caught my eye on twitter originally was your beautiful background, which I see you have used here also. I also admired your profile image. Did you create those images? I was looking for a new background for FB recently and the pink image has certainly caught my eye!

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    1. Sorry to hear of your lung issues Lynn. I was on oxygen at home for a very short time so I had a little taste of it, but it must be so challenging maneuvering your daily life with it. I have found the Drs “remedies” as hard as the underlying problem itself. And being anywhere in the low 70’s for oxygen saturation is unbearable. You are a fighter !

      As far as my most of my images, I have used tumblr & type in “nature purple” and the most beautiful pics show up. Please feel free to copy what you like as well.

      Thank you for your comment. It feels good to connect with others who can relate ✨

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  2. I also have health issues although not dealing with my lungs (well, sometimes…). I’m sorry you have to be on prednisone. That med is such a bitch. Lol! I loved looking at your quote/pic section. I was going to leave a comment but it looks like you don’t accecpt comments in that section? Anyway, loved them all & they are wonderfully uplifting. 🙂

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  3. I bumped into you on Twitter. I to have a lung condition called Lam. Lam is its short name. I am lucky its mild although if i get a chest infection it has to be treated with pneumonia antibiotics. so nice to have found you. Look forward to reading more of your blog x

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      1. Thank you x yes it’s for the lungs if you type in lam lung disease it will come up with the correct name. One of the blogs you follow also has it and TS. She had a lung transplant I think. The first one you nominated in your recent blog . Sorry I can’t remember her blog name. I’m now follow her to X

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      2. Nikki – yes, what she’s been through ! She sounds amazing with her new lungs. I thought she was struggling w/ something else, but like so many of us, often there is more than one illness going on.

        LAM lung disease is a tough one. You doing ok ? I think it’s awesome that you are travelling & seeing the world with your sisters. Any Canadian plans ? 🇨🇦

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      3. Yes she does and I found her through you so again thanks X I’m ok I’m lucky its mild . But like all my chronic illnesses several mild means chronic fatigue. Even my rheumi dr said that’s what I have. Some days it’s hard like today ” asthma” is bad. Others are good. You never know Canada may be.

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