So I have this thing

I have NSIP which stands for non specific interstitial pneumonitis.  The following is medical definition.

“Definition of Interstitial lung disease describes a large group of disorders characterized by progressive scarring of the lung tissue between and supporting the air sacs. The scarring associated with interstitial lung disease may cause progressive lung stiffness, eventually affecting your ability to breathe and get enough oxygen into your bloodstream.

Interstitial lung disease may be broadly categorized into known and unknown causes. Common known causes include autoimmune or rheumatologic diseases, occupational and organic exposures, medications, and radiation. Interstitial lung disease of unknown cause is predominated by idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a specific and progressive fibrotic lung disease, followed by the idiopathic interstitial pneumonias, such as nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP), and sarcoidosis.” –


5 thoughts on “So I have this thing

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and daily life challenges with us. I have a dear person in my life with this disease and I am finding your site to be so helpful. I have wanted to understand more about it to be able to be a better friend but did not want to ask too many questions that might intrude into the privacy of their family. I am so touched that you are sharing this to help others…the fact that you say it is also therapeutic to yourself is beyond fantastic.

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    1. Thank you Annie. Just that you read my blog to better understand your friend shows a lot of love. My friends seem to take their cues from me … If I am sad they listen, they are so understanding if I have to cancel & when I am having a good day they treat me normal. And that is the best. I’m sure your friend knows you want to help, but speaking for myself, it’s very hard to ask. Just stay close & keep up the encouragement. And thank you for your kind words about my blog.


  2. Some people really don’t know what to say. On the other side, because I, too, have dealt with chronic illness for a long time there are some who want to help too much and I get frustrated with what to say when they ask the same questions every day like, “How are you doing today?”. They know how I’m doing. What am I supposed to say that is different from the last 500 times they ask? “What can I do for you? All you have to do is ask” That is nice. It is considerate. But to say it with every conversation? I ask repeatedly to please not ask all the time. I don’t want to talk about it every day. I’m trying to live a normal life. I don’t want to explain every Dr appt. There is more to me than my issues. But I let it slide. I hate the phrase, “Don’t over do it” “Don’t do too much” as if iI don’t know what I’m capable of doing. I tell them thank you, If I need anything I’ll call you. Still even then I hear, “Anything, just call me and ill help” I know I know ( please stop saying that every day ) And lastly, thank you for coming to one of my blogs.

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