Living a lung life is a blog I use to detail the experiences, good and bad, living with a chronic illness. My hope is to connect with others  (as well as their supporters and caretakers) who have or are currently living with a chronic illness as well.

This includes both physical and mental illnesses. Whether it be a lung disease, depression, lupus, PTSD…the idea is to share what I am living through in the hopes that others with chronic illness(es) can relate so they know they are not alone. Mostly I aim to bring a smile or laugh, that moment when you realize, OMG, that person knows how I feel and help my friends and family understand what I am going through.

These invisible illnesses cause both minor and major changes to our lives. From getting the correct diagnosis, medications, tests to the physical and emotional difficulty.

I hope my posts do not offend, but this is MY reality, my feelings and whether the post is light or heavy, I am writing this for me at the end of the day.

Please look through for information, to ask questions, post your concerns and/or frustrations, any good news stories and to most important, connect with one another.